Our Mission

Corey Janoff of Finity Group, LLC created the Financial Clarity Blog so he and his fellow financial advisors at Finity Group could provide additional financial planning insights to their clients on a regular basis. After meeting with a client, we will often walk away thinking, “what we discussed today would be beneficial for all of our clients to learn more about!” There are only so many people one financial advisor can meet with in a day – if only there was a way to disseminate that information to everyone we work with. That is how the idea of starting a blog was developed.

Our goal is to create financial clarity for our clients and help people make smart decisions about money so they can successfully reach their goals in life. If everyone makes smart financial decisions, the world will be a better place.

If you find value in any of the posts you read, please share with your friends and colleagues so we can help educate and be a resource to as many people as possible. Also, please submit questions or issues you would like us to discuss in the blog and we will try to write a post on the topic. Any questions, comments, thoughts, and feedback is much appreciated.

Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with the blog. For more information on Finity Group and its financial advisors, please visit www.TheFinityGroup.com.