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About Finity Group

Financial Clarity Blog was created by the advisors at Finity Group, LLC as another way to add value to their clients and the community.  Finity Group was founded in 2011 by a group of financial advisors, who wanted to start a truly independent financial planning firm.

Many financial planning companies are affiliated with either an investment or insurance company.  This can create inherent conflicts of interest, where the financial advisor is incentivized to recommend its own company’s products over others that might be more appropriate.  The founders of Finity Group wanted to avoid those conflicts of interest so its advisors could remain objective when making recommendations to clients.

The majority of Finity Group’s financial advisors specialize in working with medical professionals.  Given the unique financial circumstances facing medical professionals (student loans, liability, asset protection, income, taxes, etc.), it is beneficial to have a financial advisor who specialized in you.

The Name Finity

Not to be confused with infinity, Finity Group aims to provide financial clarity to its clients.  The name Finity is derived from financial clarity.  FINancial clarITY.  FIN ITY.  FINITY.  See what we did there?  Financial clarity is in the name.


Finity Group works with clients in all 50 states.  We are headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  We also have offices in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO.

Thanks to technology, distance isn’t an issue.  We can work with clients anywhere in the country.  We do online meetings with our out-of-town clients.  Many of our local clients even prefer to meet online, to avoid the commute time, getting a babysitter, driving in traffic, and finding parking.   We can send a link to an online meeting room where we can share computer screens and even video conference.  Clients no longer need to leave home or work to have a productive meeting with a financial advisor.  If you move cities or states, you won’t have to find a new financial advisor in your area.  Our clients in the Eastern and Central Time zone love us for our ability to meet in the evening with the time difference.

Typical Meeting Process

The typical meeting process clients are taken through is a three-step process.

The first step is a fact-finding meeting.  This is typically done over the phone and lasts 30-45 minutes on average.  The goal of this meeting is to get to know the client’s financial situation and goals, as well as give more background on the company and how we typically work with clients.

The second step is a series of education meetings to teach the client about financial topics they should be aware of in order to reach the goals they discussed in that initial phone call.  This is usually 1-3 meetings, but we will spend as much time as needed until the client has all of their questions answered.

The third step is recommendations.  This is where the advisor will provide specific recommendations for the client to help improve the client’s odds of achieving his or her goals.

From there, the advisor will schedule review meetings with the client on a regular basis (typically two or three review meetings per year), or as needed.  In between review meetings, clients are welcome and encouraged to reach out to their advisor any time a question arises.

What Does Finity Group Review

Finity Group reviews a number of aspects of ones finances.  As a comprehensive financial planning company, we can advise clients on almost any aspect of their financial picture and can often assist directly with the plan implementation.

Finity Group Reviews Investments

Finity Group reviews investment plans for clients.  Ranging from account allocation, portfolio diversification, tax-advantaged investments, retirement plans, college savings accounts and many more.  We want to make sure our clients’ investment plans are tailored to meet their goals so they can be on the right track for success.

For our clients who need direct assistance with the management of their portfolios, we are able to offer that service on most types of investment accounts.

Finity Group Reviews Insurance Policies

Finity Group reviews insurance policies for clients, to make sure they have adequate protection for potentially devastating risks in life.  Common insurance policies that we review include: disability, life, long-term care, auto, home, umbrella, and malpractice.

Finity Group Reviews Student Loans

With many of our clients being physicians, it is common to see six-figure student loan balances.  Finity Group can review student loans and help clients determine the best action plan to eliminate them as efficiently as possible.  Whether it be public service loan forgiveness or private refinancing, we can help calculate the optimal route.

Finity Group Reviews Home Purchases and Mortgages

Finity Group reviews mortgage options for to make sure clients are making an informed decision with what type of loan to go with and help clients compare across lenders.  We also can help determine how much house is affordable within the overall financial picture.

Finity Group Reviews Spending Habits

Finity Group reviews clients’ monthly expenses to help clients harness their spending so they can get on the fast track to reaching their long-term goals.

Finity Group Reviews Employment Contracts

Finity Group has a contract review team for its physician clients.  Whether you are entering practice or changing jobs, Finity Group reviews contracts for its clients and offers thoughts, insights, and possible negotiating points.

More Information about Finity Group

Please visit our main company website, to learn more about Finity Group.  If you would like one of our financial advisors to contact you for an initial financial planning consultation, please email

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Finity Group financial advisors are not tax professionals.  Consult with a licensed tax professional for specific tax advice pertaining to your particular situation.  Finity Group financial advisors are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. 

Finity Group Reviews